"Successful people are simply people with successful habits" - Brian Tracy

If you are a result of your habits then wouldn't it be wise to create positive habits? Set yourself up for positive and motivating thoughts every day?

This is why I started morning and evening routines. And it only takes a few minutes each day... You can start small and build from there. I started by purchasing a book called The Six Minute Diary.

This book allows me to follow a set routine to get my mindset on the right path of gratitude and action in the morning, and reflection and future at night, and it only takes a few minutes each day. (Cause let's be honest, I have not had the best track record of journaling and don't have time for hours of new activities... so this was perfect).

Setting up routines like this is SO huge to keep your mindset focused on the positive and gratitude that we all experience each day.

My new morning routine has been growing and will continue to grow. Here is an example of my mornings:

  • Wake up (usually takes a few minutes lol)

  • Drink a big glass of water

  • Pour myself some coffee (since the hubs has been up for a while already and made me some.. cause he's awesome like that)

  • Sit down and fill out my 3 minutes in my Six Minute Diary

  • ​morning is all about gratitude and how you are going to make your day great, and a positive affirmation

  • Meditate (this one is still tricky for me so I started with just 5 minutes of quiet sitting)

  • A few stretches depending on what I worked out or what is tight (usually always hamstrings, calves & hips)

  • Create a to-do list for the day (most important things first)

  • Then I am ready to go...

I love my quiet mornings, and my husband can attest to the fact that I like to have my slow and quiet mornings to myself (which can be difficult sometimes with hectic schedules and I know it wont last forever... hello future kids eventually) but when I miss my morning routine, I can tell that my day starts off with reacting to events instead of being prepared and in the right mindset.

Then at night, I lay in bed and fill out the nightly routine of my Six Minute Diary and then find a book to read that will put me to sleep, right now its a book about yoga and breathing.

Like I said it doesn't need to be this huge hour long routine each day, but at least some little moments where you can get yourself in the right mindset will hugely improve your day.

If nothing else, just try not to look at your phone or start your to-do list right off the bat (this puts you in reaction mode and tells your body that you are not in control of your day). Get your day started with a positive note and start some positive routines. If you want to get your own Six Minute Diary you can get one here on amazon

I love hearing what you do for your routines, or let me know if you try any of mine! Leave me a quick comment :)