Buffalo BBQ Chicken Chili

So... I got this fancy new kitchen gadget for my birthday and I was so excited about it. And at first I thought, wow am I that old now that I am most excited about getting a pressure cooker for my birthday? And then I quickly got over it, and starting thinking about all the things I would make with it.

Well here is the very first thing that I made with this magic gadget. Chicken Chili. At first the recipe was just buffalo sauce, but then I got to thinking about how my husband and I are spicy sissys and decided that I should maybe use some good old BBQ sauce so we wouldn't have our eyes watering and chugging milk with this meal. lol. Like seriously we are wimps (the hubs especially 😉).

So I rush out before work and buy all the ingredients, and throw them all in the pot, and I push start (btw there are like 10 different program options so I also had to figure that out first). And it shows it will only take 30 minutes. Perfect, I have to leave for work in 45 minutes (also I should admit that I am the one who always leaves in a rush and just lucky that I make it there on time each day).

Well the pressure cooker just sits there with the light ON for about 10 minutes before the timer even starts... Whats going on? Well for those that are thinking about trying one... don't forget that it has to build up all that pressure before it can even start cooking. So, ok I will have 5 minutes now before I have to leave for work.... I can do this... This is ok. I am still so excited to see how it turns out.

So I get ready for work and I hear the timer go off. Yay it's ready... or so I thought. Now it has to release all that pressure... ugh I don't have time for this. Well luckily that they have a pressure release valve for this. I turned the valve and it looked like "old Faithful" -minus the water-just steam- was spitting out of the top, for a solid 5 minutes. I didn't know it was possible to have all that pressure in such a small container... but thats why its magic!

So needless to say I was running late at this point. But the chili turned out absolutely wonderful!!! It was much to hot to eat so I hurried and packed a meal to take with me and stored the rest (thank the heavens for pyrex tupperware that can handle heat (I was genuinely worried that I would get home to a cracked tuperware and chili ALL over the fridge, but we made it-- I don't recommend you take the risk tho...)

And for those that were worried I still made it work on time :)

So as for the delicious (not too spicy) chili recipe... here it is!

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