How to Set "Good" Goals

Do you have big goals for the New Year?? I have one question for you... are they good goals?

Perhaps you are wondering, what makes a good goal?

Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t heard of SMART goals, but either way let’s do a quick re-fresher!

  • S=Specific meaning you need to be precise about what you want to accomplish

  • think about who, what, where, and why you are wanting these goals

  • M = Measurable meaning you need to be able to measure your goals so you know when you achieve them

  • for example: I want to lose 10 lbs or I want to make $10k

  • There must be a way to measure your goal

  • cannot just be to be healthier, or have more energy unless you have an exact way to measure it

  • A: Attainable meaning it should be achievable but also push you

  • inspire motivation not discouragement

  • if its not big enough it won't excite you

  • its too big that you won't truly believe you can achieve it and won't take action on it

  • R= Relevant meaning it should be inline with your other overall goals as well

  • for example: losing 10lbs will help you be healthier, or finishing your degree will help you get a better job and make more money

  • T= Timely meaning that you need to set time limits on your goals

  • for example lose 10lbs by March

  • setting time limits will help you take action and not put it off until later

By setting Smart goals and actually WRITING them down you are much more likely to achieve them.

If you are just hoping that you will hit your goals, don't get specific, and don't put it down on paper you will probably go another year without getting what you want.

Wondering how to make sure you achieve your goals? Read on here.

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