How to Hit Your Goals

We all have goals, and most of us have more than one goal, maybe even lists of goals similar to "to-do" lists. And most times we end up not fully achieving these long lists or feeling overwhelmed by trying to accomplish them all. This ends with another year passing, and another year of not being where you want to be.

So whats the best way to actually achieve your goals?

By breaking them down... Let's get into the best way to break them down.

Break your list down into order of importance.

Focus on the most important goal out of your entire list and aim to hit that goal within 90 days. Then move onto the next. When you focus on too many goals at once you end up not achieving most of them, and just staying in the same place.

Many times when you are able to strictly focus on one goal at a time, you may surprise yourself how quickly you can achieve it.

Yes there are times when you can be working on multiple goals at one time, and this is when you are working on a long term goal (like finishing your masters, or making $100k in a year) but then breakdown the rest of your goals into 90 day increments.

This will allow you not only to narrow your focus to really dial in on your goal, but it will help free your mind instead of having tons of different goals on your mind all the time.



In addition to breaking your goals down into order of importance and 90 day steps, there are other things you can do to help you achieve your goals.

  • Create a Vision Board or set reminders to see your goal everyday.

  • Tell your friends and family and ask for help to stay accountable.

  • Or even find a friend who has the same goal and work together to achieve it.

  • Check-in weekly with yourself to assess your progress.

  • Don't expect perfection

  • Aiming for perfection is unrealistic and will actually hold you back

  • Learn from your mistakes

  • Remember situations that you may falter in and prepare yourself to make better choices in the future.

I also created an accountability calendar for those that would like some extra help on staying accountable and tracking your progress on creating new habits. Check it out here.

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