Motivation... Does it really help you get results?

So many women tell me how they struggle to keep their motivation high, and say this is the reason they struggle to get results.

While motivation is great for pushing through workouts, and starting a new fitness regimen, is it really enough to get you the results you desire??

If you are like most people (myself included) you start off super motivated, and all ready to crush your results....

Then slowly as the days go by it starts to fade. Some days you are ready to hit it hard at the gym and eat super healthy, and other days you just want to lay in bed and eat food. Motivation naturally has peaks and valleys, and it is impossible to constantly have high motivation..

And this is OK!

If you are strictly relying on motivation for success, it's understandable why you may be struggling to find success. You cannot expect to have high motivation at all times.

Well if motivation is not going to keep you on track, then what is the best way to get results?

The better alternative is to work on creating habits.

"Motivation gets you started but habits are what keep you going."

Set up a daily routine, keep track of each day and just do it. Whether you are motivated or not, its all about making a habit of it.

Once you get into a daily routine of going to the gym everyday (or every weekday) you will feel off balance or strange if you miss your workout one day. This is when the magic happens.

We all know it's consistency that gets us results in any area (physical or mental). So if you are relying strictly on motivation to get you to the gym, it will not work. But if you focus on making a habit of it- it will be your best bet.

Creating a habit usually takes about 4-8 weeks. So, the first month or two may be more challenging, but after that it will become a part of your everyday routine and you wont even have to think about it.

The best way to create a habit is to implement it with another daily habit that you already have in your day. For example, you can pack your lunch for work each morning while you brew your morning coffee, you can perform positive self talk while your brush your teeth, or you can stop by the gym each day on your drive home from work.

"We are what we repeatedly do."

If you'd like some help with keeping on track while you create your habits, be sure to check out my accountability calendar. Designed to help you visually see your daily activities over an entire month.

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