How to Stay on Track at Family Gatherings

Is it just me or do family gatherings (holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc.) usually involve lots of food and treats?

When I was in my crazy show prep days these events would stress me out so much, and often times I would skip them all together because I didn't want to be the weird one in the corner not eating, or finding myself out of control with the chips.

But, you get one life, so please don't feel like you need to skip out on these activities! Here are some tips to staying on track while still having fun and being social:

1. Drink lots of water, maybe even bring your own water bottle.

2. Fill up your plate with veggies first

3. Watch portion sizes, and only have one serving, no need to get seconds!

4. Opt for healthier and leaner protein choices (chicken or fish instead of beef or pork)

5. Bring a healthy option to share, at least you know you have a healthy option even if no one else supplies one.

6. Don't hang around the food

7. Focus on the people and conversations instead of the food

8. If you absolutely have to have dessert (your aunt makes the best dessert) allow yourself to have a small serving and leave it at that.

9. Make sure you still get a good workout in that day, and eat healthy the rest of the day

10. Focus on eating healthy because your body feels good when its healthy, not because you are on a diet and cant eat those foods. Make it a lifestyle not a restriction.

11. Have FUN!

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