You may be thinking, I know how to grocery shop, there isn't a certain way to do it. I am strictly writing this to help you be the most effective and healthy shopper around. Here are my seven tips for grocery shopping like a health pro.

First off:

ALWAYS have a grocery list made before you get to the store. That way you don't end up wandering the isles aimlessly, and end up standing in front of the Oreo's checking out the newest flavors... you may just end up buying them (I've definitely been a victim of that lol).


Try to shop around the perimeter of the store, and only go down the isles for specific items like peanut butter, cocoa powder, honey, etc. that can only be found in isles. The healthiest food items will usually be located on the perimeter of the store, for example, the fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, fish, eggs, etc.


Try to plan out your week of meals ahead of time so you know the exact amount of each item you need, this will prevent multiple trips to the store because you ran out of something, and prevent food spoilage from not using it at all.


If you struggle buying vegetables and meat because they seem to go bad before you get around to eating them, you can always buy them frozen or canned (just watch out for high sodium in canned vegetables).


Try to find food items that have less than 5 ingredients listed on the food label. Foods that have a long list of ingredients or ingredients you cant even pronounce, are often so processed they are barely even food anymore, and have very little nutritional value.


Look out for serving sizes! I cannot stress this one enough. Food label companies are getting very good at making food appear healthier than they really are. For example, an item may boast that it only has 100 calories per serving, but when you read the label, you find out the package has 3 servings. This means that the package is not 100 calories but instead is actually 300. Always check to find out how large the serving size is.


Don't look at the distractions, like the candy and treats lined up at the registers when you are buying your groceries. This was always my biggest threat- the candy that stared me down while waiting (which i found just rude- candy is my biggest weakness). If you are this way too, opt for the sugar free gum next to the candy and give that a go :)

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