First of all, lets talk about how blessed I am to have been a part of Tami’s program! It has changed my life in so many ways (it only took 28 days! Imagine 90?). This just proves how much she cares about changing so many peoples lives that she offered such a program. 

When I first signed up, I was expecting to just be given workouts for 28 days but she exceeded my expectations! Not only did she focus and educate me on the nutrition and exercise portion, but she also created an entire VIP website and user friendly app to teach me about self love and goal setting. The little “homework” assignments changed my mindset so much! This was way different than any other fitness program because Tami focused on the mental side of things rather than just the physical training portion. So awesome!

Over all, I lost a little over 5 pounds while still maintaining and growing my muscles (which was exactly my goal!), I lost about 3 inches on my waist as well as 1.5 inches around my thighs (which were my “problem areas”). But most importantly I gained SO much self love and appreciation after this program. Not to mention, she was always replying to texts/emails with what ever questions I had as well as sending motivational videos. I believe that if anyone is trying to reach their fitness goals and to create a new mindset, this is the perfect program. 

Brooke W.

fitness transformation

Tami’s program was truly a godsend for me. I had been feeling so discouraged about my health and my body before I discovered this program, and desperately needed something to get me back on track towards my goals. Tami’s well crafted program and careful guidance allowed me to implement changes that I had been slacking on for months.

The best part about it has been that after four weeks, I truly feel that this is a lifestyle I can maintain and sustain. I ended up losing almost 6 pounds, but the best thing I have noticed has been my increase in energy and a much more positive mood. I know that the skills I have learned will be repeatable and manageable for me to continue on my own, as I move closer to my long term fitness foals. Tami’s 28 day program was the exact thing I needed to help me get my fitness journey started, to see some results, and to regain confidence in myself that I AM able to do it.

I loved how encouraging and realistic Tami was throughout the whole thing, which made me feel supported and encouraged to carry on. I am coming away from this 28 days, energized and ready to better care for and love the body I have been given. Thank you, Tami. 

Anna K.

Tami is very approachable and promptly replied when I had any questions. She has great advice and motivated me along the way. I never felt alone and knew she was supporting me. She's very knowledgeable and empowering two very important things to be successful.

Seeing results in my weekly pictures was my favorite, also that I was given the options to be able to eat a variety of food and not feel so trapped in eating the same thing all of the time. 

 I loved the meal plans and recipes for healthier options.

I highly recommend Tami to anyone and everyone  :)

Stefani H.

fitness transformation

"When I started training with Tami, I had little to no knowledge about nutrition or exercise. I have a three year old and work full time, so finding the time or motivation was really hard for me. Once I made the commitment to change myself, things all around me took a turn for the better! For me, having simple and quick meals was key!
Tami was consistently asking if I was liking the meals, or what was working best for me so it made it so easy to stay on track. She taught me ways to count my macros so I didn't have to miss out on anything or feel guilty if I fell off track and had a cheat day. In a short period of time I saw significant changes in my "mom" bod and couldn't wait to get to the gym.
Tami customized a variety of workouts that weren't intimidating, but still challenging, and I couldn't believe how quickly I was able to gain strength and see progress! It has been close to a year now, and I'm still using the tools and knowledge I've learned and feel more confident and determined than I ever thought I could. Huge thank you to Tami for helping me change my lifestyle and be the fit, happier person I am today!"

Kari T.

fitness Transformation

I have completed the 28 day challenge! It was definitely not easy, but it was totally possible. Some days were harder than others. In the end I ended up losing 4 lbs and had more tone to my stomach and arms. I think if I did this challenge with full effort I would have looked even more amazing. The recipes provided are delicious and they leave room for your own ideas as well. It helped me realize how much more I can eat and still be satisfied but also don't have to cut off treats completely. I'd definitely recommend this challenge to anyone who is looking to gain a new perspective on treating your body right and giving it what it needs for a more happier, positive and energetic life. Thank you Tami

Courtney S.

I really enjoyed this program. It is easy to follow, you receive a grocery list and recipes.  Each week is a different  workout plan as to not get bored. I can take all the information  given to me and stay on the program  and continue  to improve  my health and well being. My favorite  meal was the French toast,  the recipe  is easy and quick to cook. The workouts  kicked my butt, only because I was so out of shape. I could see results in my legs and arms almost immediately. I didn't have to join a gym and they showed me step by step what  to do. Tami s awesome and was always there with reminders, and answers to all my questions.

Keri B.

I’m so thankful for you and so happy I got to be a part of it!! - 28 Day Program

I can't believe it went by so fast. I absolutely love my results and what I learned. - 28 Day Program

Hi y’all! Soo I know that it’s difficult to start a new program-and even moreso to trust a stranger’s opinion about it- but let me honestly tell you that this was one of the best decisions I have made about my body. Tami’s approach to fitness is holistic and long-term, and she uses these 28 days to shape your mind and body to just feeling better and being able to do your daily activities with more ease. You aren’t shamed into cutting out carbs and spending hours doing cardio. In fact, Tami focuses on eating- and eating good foods! As far as exercise goes, she primarily focuses on bodyweight exercises and supersets that can be done anywhere and are actually scientifically better for your body in terms of raising metabolism, building muscle, and toning the body. I had a fantastic experience in the 28 days and even after it ended I stuck to her diet plan and exercise routine and feel a difference in my own body and those close to me constantly tell me too! 10/10 would recommend this program!

Sheena P.

fitness transformation

This program was one of the best things I could have done for myself. It gave me the motivation to start making a change instead of me otherwise saying “I’ll just do it tomorrow”. This program got me really excited to start eating better and keep track of what I eat. I have definitely seen a difference in my appearance and the way I feel about my self. I just overall feel so much better. I loved feeling myself get stronger with each workout, and it helped me develop a pattern and habit for me to keep going. Thank you Tami for all your help!

Graccie B.

Tami's 28 day challenge was great. Before I started, I was feeling like a bump on a log and looking bloated. Some people actually mistook me for being pregnant haha. Halfway through the program I noticed the bloat disappeared. I'm super happy about that. I'm also no longer a bump on a log. Although it's been years since I last worked out, Tami's program got me off my butt and into gear.

I struggled a lot in the beginning with the exercises, but now I can confidently do them without the struggle. I love the app with the exercises and the fact that we can substitute an exercise from the extensive list of others. This gave me the opportunity to keep up, instead of giving up if a certain one was too hard or if I didn't have access to certain equipment or workout tools.

The app also made communication between Tami & the group easy. I also loved that it was a group setting and we could share our experiences or struggles without being judged. I would definitely recommend Tami's 28 Day program to anyone out there looking to change their lifestyle, especially beginners. Being that I haven't worked out in 6 years, I was practically a beginner or first timer at the start of this program.

If I can do this, anyone can. I now have the the confidence I need to get out there and achieve any goals I set out for myself. Thank you Tami!

Again, I'm so thankful for your help and your program... You & your program may have literally been a life saver for me. Thank you so much."

Bri Y.

Before starting Tami’s challenge I found myself at my all time lowest. I wasn’t myself. I truly felt like I was stuck in someone else’s body. My self esteem and confidence suffered dramatically. Because of this, I decided to take a leap of faith and try this challenge. The standard and accountability that was set for this program was incredible. I felt driven and supported through the whole program. To my biggest surprise, not only my body but my mind changed.
I started thinking more positive about myself. I set goals, pushed myself, and ultimately came out on top! This program changed the way I looked at food. It made me realize food is not an enemy, food is a fuel. I saw myself starting to love myself again. The mind is such a powerful thing.
This program really gave me the confidence to start my journey on becoming the girl I’ve always wanted to be, mind and body. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to change physically and mentally. Although a healthy lifestyle takes a lifetime to accomplish, this truly was the best start I could have ever asked for

fitness transformation


When I first started this program, my nutrition was awful. I felt fatigue and sluggish. I knew I had to make a lifestyle change. Tami worked with me to make lifestyle changes versus a diet. As I worked the program, which included eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly, I started to feel better and have more energy. I now enjoy my workouts and crave the healthy foods. This program helped me to set up a healthy lifestyle for the future.

Stesha C.