Fitness Coaching


Full Flexible Dieting Protocol

Custom Workout Plans

Progressive Healthy Lifestyle Creation-at your pace

Access to Exclusive Phone App with Personal Dashboard

Access to Exclusive  Support Community

Delicious and Simple Recipes

Daily Motivation, Tips, and Tricks

Monthly One-on-One Phone Meetings

Weekly Team Calls

24/7 Email Access 

Prizes and Awards

Workout Plans

We all know the health benefits of being active and exercising regularly, but knowing how to exercise is very important.  Customized workout routines are essential since everyone has different goals.  Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, increase strength, improve stamina, flexibility, etc. I will help you get there.

Not only will you receive a customized workout built for you, but you will also have access to online workout videos and tips.  You don't need to workout for 2 hours a day in a gym, I will show you how to maximize your effectiveness and get maximum results.

Nutrition Plans

No matter what your goals are; lose weight, gain muscle, tone, or just feel healthier, it all comes down to how you fuel your body. I will teach you how to create a healthy and maintainable eating pattern to reach any goal.

Your program is comprehensive and easy to follow. My flexible dieting protocol allows you to eat the food you love, and does not restrict any food groups.  You will learn how to prevent binge eating, create a healthy gut, and gain a healthier relationship with food, plus I will be there for you every step of the way.  My nutrition coaching teaches you how to create a healthy eating lifestyle.  I want you to succeed and reach your goals.  You don't need to go at this alone, I will guide you and help keep you accountable. 

At Your Pace Program

This simple to follow program is laid out by weekly learning modules that progress each week or when you are ready to continue.  You can move ahead or stay where you are until you are ready to move on.  Each learning module will take you one small step closer to reaching that healthy and maintainable lifestyle.

Exclusive App & Community

Each person receives their own custom dashboard on a private group app.  This app can be downloaded on apple or android, and contains all your assigned workouts plus hosts a large library of workouts, meal plans, and so much more.  You can easily track your progress in this app with progress pictures, weight, and body measurements (that is NOT shared with the group).  The community is hosted in the app, with the large community of all women in this program as well as smaller and more intimate groups for more specific needs (healthy treat making, overcoming depression, beating binge eating, balancing a busy schedule etc.)

Motivation & Tips

Motivation is like showering, its recommended daily.  For this reason each day you will receive a motivational message, a nutrition tip, a workout trick, or some type of activity or challenge to keep the motivation and fun level high.

Monthly One-on-One

Its beyond important to have one-on-one access to your coach and mentor.  Each month, we will chat via a 30 minute phone call or zoom meeting to go over your program so far.  We will go over any questions, as well as access your results and make necessary adjustments if needed.

24/7 Email Access

Even more important that our one-on-one calls, you have email access to me directly at all times.  Any time you have a question, struggling with something, or just want to show off your amazing results, shoot me an email, and I promise to respond within 24 hours.  You are never alone through your fitness journey, you always have access to your exclusive community of support any time you want.