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Follow Along, Eat Great Food & Get Results

We all know the importance of nutrition!

When you are trying to be healthy and fit it can be about 70-80% of your results.

But, is often times also the hardest part.

Do you have to count your calories? What about Macros? Intermittent fasting? Keto? Tried of eating bland boring food?

There are so many diets out there! I found the one that works best is the one you can maintain... which means:





With my 4 week meal plan, you do not have to count macros or calories since its already done for you.  You don't have to be a great chef or spend hours in the kitchen.  All you have to do is follow the plan.  Use the grocery list to get your week of meals, follow the meal prep schedule so you always have your meals ready, and then just enjoy your delicious and nutritious meals, and watch the results roll in.

What's Included:

Full 4 weeks of meal plans

Calculator to tailor the meals to your needs and goals (personalized)

Lists of meal prep tools needed

Grocery Lists for each week

Meal Prep Schedule

40+ simple and delicious recipes

(meals, snacks, and desserts... yes dessert is included)

Meals can be substituted and swapped (already macro balanced.. so no counting)

ONLY $99

This is a great addition to the Gold Palm Fitness Training App