Welcome to my site!

I am no professional writer or photographer, but I am someone who is extremely passionate about health, fitness, nutrition, and overall wellbeing. 

This site is a way for me to share my passions with you!

Here you will find all things related to health, fitness and happiness.

From healthy recipes, to workouts, to nature adventures, to books, and more.

I hope you find some inspiration and keep coming back for new ideas.

Let's all work to find more joy, more health, and live a more fulfilled life.


Health & Fitness

Being healthy begins on the inside with the fuel you put in your body.  Our bodies are our most precious gift, so let's fuel them properly!

Healthy Recipes are my favorite!  I love to take recipes and find ways to tweak them to be healthier and still delicious!  I also love to share these with you so you can also enjoy them.  You can catch all my favorite healthy recipes (and occasionally indulgent ones too... cause ummm life is too short to not indulge) on this blog.

Working out is my jam! I love to work up a good sweat and watch my body evolve and adapt to my workouts.  I also love a variety of fun and changeling workouts to keep it fun!  Working out is a great way to increase those feel good vibes!  You can catch all these fun exercises on the blog as well.... cause I'd love nothing more than to see you ladies transforming your bodies to your goals.


Happiness is your birthright.​

It's also your choice.

What you think and what you do daily are your reality.

So how do you change your reality?

By changing what you think and what you do daily.

I know from personal experience the pain that comes when you are not happy.

I know how it affects your life and the life of those around you.

So let's choose happiness.

Be Happy.

You will find a lot of what makes me happy on here and some excellent tips and techniques to help you create your happiest and most fulfilled life possible.


We live on such a wonderful planet full of beauty.

The closer I am with nature, and the more I appreciate it, the more at peace I feel.

I absolutely love to enjoy this world.

I also love to share the things I love.

I will be sharing my love for eARTh, my fun adventures, and my favorite places.



I am all about health from the inside out and this includes my hair.

Your hair is the one accessory you never take off, so why not let it shine?

My haircare products are 100% Healthy, Vegan, Natural, and absolutely no harsh chemicals.

Repairing your hair at the root, and creating your healthiest, strongest, longest, softest, shiniest, and prettiest hair possible.

Plus you can also make $ while helping other women create their healthiest hair.

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Health & Fitness


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